Job Application Tips

You significantly increase your chances of a positive result when you take time to craft a tailored response to a specific meeting planner. Just like any job application, you want to select opportunities where you feel you're an ideal fit. It's up to you to communicate to the meeting planner just how you're a great fit. That often means pleasantly persistent follow-up.

Meeting planners are evaluating multiple candidates. The one who shines the most is going to get the job. If it seems like you're just using a standard form letter response and not doing any meaningful follow-up, you will most likely drop off a meeting planner's radar.

We have a tool for speakers to save application templates to make life a little easier. Use templates to fill in the standard material but be sure to customize your messaging for each meeting planner before hitting the "submit" button.

Tips for Crafting a Successful Job Application

1. Tailor Your Response

  • Research the Opportunity: Understand the specific needs and preferences of the meeting planner.
  • Highlight Relevant Experience: Emphasize past speaking engagements or skills that match the job requirements.
  • Show Enthusiasm: Convey genuine interest and passion for the opportunity.

2. Follow Up Persistently

  • Polite Persistence: After submitting your application, follow up with a polite email or call to express continued interest.
  • Stay on Their Radar: Regular, courteous follow-up can keep you top of mind with the meeting planner.

3. Use and Customize Templates

  • Save Time with Templates: Utilize our tool to save application templates for common responses.
  • Customize Each Application: Adjust your template to address the specific details and requirements of each job opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Meeting planners are looking for candidates who stand out. By tailoring your responses, following up diligently, and customizing your templates, you can significantly increase your chances of landing the speaking engagements you desire.